Married But Available Men (MBA)

Good day Bloggers

I am irritated by this men that went all out and proved that they love their women up to a point where they invited the whole world to share their happiness (Marriage), and go back and cheat on them.

This men are called MBA’s

They find a good woman, who loves them unconditionally, who would give the world for their happiness, and who creates a home for them, brings joy into their homes, a confident, sexy,  classy and beautiful woman. They turn them into insecure, clingy, jealous, neurotic, parrots and speaking machines by their unfaithfulness.

Here it is a story that happened to me not so long ago:

I have a male married friend who is my friend on my social network, his wife managed to get his password and filtered his social page. There on my time line “I hope You are happy that You are dating a Married man” I mean WTF, there is no evidence that proves otherwise that I may be dating her man or anything of the sort But there is an exchange of inbox massages where I was comforting my friend on his job loss, plans for the future, his fears about his marriage which will be knocked by the loss of his job.

Was I wrong to be there for my friend? Was he wrong to discuss his fears with me? No, We were not wrong to talk and advise one another, that is what friends in times like this are for: To give a shoulder to lean on.

My point is: Love Your woman as You would like Your mother/daughter to be loved. Compliment them daily, tell them You love them daily, make it Your daily mission to see a smile on her face. Plant kisses on her face every chance You get, Hold her by the hand at the mall or park, celebrate her daily.

You keep at that>>>>>> You will rush home everyday to a warm welcome



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